ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
On 6/4/2022, at around 2pm, I walked out to discover my car had been broken in to. I asked my wife if she been in the car, and she replied no. At that point I went to my camera to see if it got the person that had been broken in my car. To my surprise, it didn’t record anything other than us leaving at10:14, and returned at 10:25. I had money from our company, a wedding set, and some change in my car which was gone. The cash total was 2,000, the wedding set, I just bought was 350. Now when I called ADT and talked to a young man named Muhammad, he told me that my internet information wasn’t applied to my account which made it not to work properly. Mind you, I’ve had this service for 4 months or better, and they get their money each month. What am I paying for?

Submitted by: Anonymous ADT customer in Baton Rouge | Read more ADT complaints

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