ADT Claim for Compensation

ADT Claim for Compensation

What ADT did:
ADT failed to cancel my account even when it hasn’t worked since fall of 2021. They send me harassing phone calls daily starting early in the morning and are abusive. They have lied to me, refused to accommodate my disabilities by using TTY and refused to communicate via mail or email: I have attempted to cancel and they refuse and keep racking up charges in my account, even though I had told them over two dozen times I wish to cancel. They lie repeatedly saying things like they will come to my house, threaten me with legal action and say they will call me multiple times a day until I pay. I have attempted to cancel via mail as well as per my contacts and asked them to cease and desist, to which they refused. I also let them know I have filed complaints with the bbb and federal trade commission and they guy today just laughed and said they won’t do anything and continued to harrass me.

Submitted by: Anonymous ADT customer in Englewood | Read more ADT complaints

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