Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
My Name is jackson. I am A host on Airbnb. I am having an issue with Airbnb over a guest that was scheduled to check in on April 10, 202 . The guest name is David *****. On April 10, 2022 Airbnb ambassador “Michael” went into my account and cancelled a guests stay for $5,700. Without my Knowledge. Without my Consent. I have a “no refund” cancelation policy and they deliberately chose to void our contract with the cancellation policy by giving the guest a full refund without my consent for no reason at all. My cancelation policy states no refunds will be given out if a guest cancels within 30 days of their stay. My guest called Airbnb to cancel on the same day they were supposed to check in. Airbnb then and gave them a full refund. Airbnb claimed that I was not responding to the guest. However, that makes absolutely no sense because I have proof and hard evidence that I was messaging David, as well as David messaging me back before he cancelled. Michael who cancelled the reservation refuses to talk to me and every time I call Airbnb they tell me they cant do anything.

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