Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Airbnb changed my minimum length of stay from 3 days to 32 days because they claim that the City of Chicago did it. They state that I need registration or license number. I have hosted for over 4 years and each year I communicated to Airbnb that my unit is not located in the City of Chicago and therefore the requirement does not apply to me. The City sent Airbnb information to advise them that the information I provided was true. Airbnb only states that they are investigating it. I don’t understand why, if the City sent them the information. My avg. earnings in past years are $8,035. As a result of this error by Airbnb, I am at $3.569.60 for 2022, A total loss of $4,465. I understand an error occurring because my unit is located in an Unincorporated Township–Central Stickney–that is across the street from the City of Chicago and therefore I must utilize a City of Chicago zip code. I have opened a claim, received a resolution from the City, I wrote Brian ***** and the head of Regulatory, Viviana *****. I have also reached out to Lara *****–the Airbnb representative for the City of Chicago. I have not received a reply from any of them. I reached out to Twitter and Facebook but no resolution. Can you assist me? I had a guest that wanted to book this past weekend but had to decline because of this issue?

Change my length of stay back to 3 days and provide a process for those in my situation. I want to open another unit next door this month but no process is in place to do so I also would like a monetary settlement.

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