Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I made a reservation on 2/13/22 via Airbnb for dates 4/7/22-4/10/22 at Simeon *****’s (host) home in South Padre island and paid in full, $1329.33, for reservation on same date as booking, 2/13/22.
Two days before my reservation would have begun, on 4/5/22, my boyfriend, whom I live with in Houston and was traveling with me to South Padre Island as one of my guests, fell suddenly ill which caused us to seek medical attention from two different medical facilities, an urgent care clinic on 4/5/22 and from Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) on 4/6/22.
Multiple laboratory tests were performed to determine root cause of illness on 4/6/22 at BCM (bloodwork, rapid flu, rapid strep, urinalysis) to no avail. My boyfriend, who clearly presented with COVID symptoms, then fell under COVID suspicion (since other testing performed was negative) on 4/6/22, and we received his COVID PCR result next day on 4/7/22 at 10AM which was negative. All reservations (flight and airbnb) were cancelled on 4/6/22 due to my boyfriend falling under COVID suspicion and having been symptomatic for COVID, per Airbnb’s Health and Safety requirements policy.
Airbnb customer support and host Simeon ***** have refused to grant me a full refund of $1329.33 for my reservation and Airbnb’s decision to not grant me a full refund has been based solely on my boyfriend’s COVID PCR result being negative, despite my complete transparency in providing the full medical documentation revealing he was under COVID suspicion and had COVID symptoms.

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