Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I reserved a house on the 20th of April for the 21st through the 28th it was $615 and some change the host canceled on me and in doing so I didn’t have any money in the bank so Airbnb gave me a coupon for $750 I then got another place as I’m going to go to check in the host text me and says that they have bugs sometimes in the summer just don’t leave the windows and doors open so I told him he should have told me that before and he didn’t answer me and then I asked him if he had another unit available that I could go in because I don’t want to deal with all that and he didn’t answer me and then hours later I get a text and they say that the place is clean and sanitized and this and that and for me not to worry about it but when I got there I was only there for like an hour and I saw two roaches and so I told them and they didn’t answer me in the next morning they text me and asked if I slept well well I don’t know how anybody can sleep well when the lights are on . So that night when I got there I called Airbnb I’ll let them know that there was bugs in there and I wanted them to do something about it The next day still nothing I called them and called them I ended up calling them 31 times that day so many times they told me okay we’ll call you back we’ll call you back we’ll call you back and I got nothing so I kept calling them back In the end they end up canceling my reservation I paid $6 and something added to the $750 that was given they said they refunded me $6 and I have to leave in the morning well now I have no money in the bank nowhere to stay and to have to go to work tomorrow there is no way I’m going to be able to go to work tomorrow and I don’t have nowhere to stay what am I going to do with my dog. How am I going to get ready in my car and just pile up all my stuff this is ridiculous so I’m not going to be able to go to work tomorrow nor the next day nor the next day and it’s not even like I stayed in the place because I was in and out because it smelled so bad I couldn’t stand it

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