Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
On 2/22/22 I booked a 1 week stay for Deerfield Beach property thru airbnb. I paid upfront $1131.00 and it was confirmed. On 2/24 it was canceled by them with no reason why and $ refunded to me. I booked another airbnb for 2/27-3/5/22. This property was advertised to be in a high end neighborhood and it was not. It was advertised to be a large place and it was tiny. It was billed to have working air cond and it was not working . It never went below 80 and it was very hot and humid. We waited 90 minutes for it to get cooler , it got hotter. The tub and toilet were filthy. There was a lot of bugs all over the outside walls and some inside. The kitchen counters and floors were filthy. My wife and I are senior citizens in poor health and my wife was getting sick from the heat and humidity in the place. We contacted airbnb and told them we cannot stay there because the place was not as advertised and a complete lie. I contacted them 2 hrs later and told them I was leaving and not paying for a place that was unacceptable and unhealthy. They lied and said the air cond was working fine. They lied again and said someone else had stopped there at a later time and air cond was working fine. They previously sent a text to me apologising for the air cond not working. We were forced to spend hours frantically looking for another place to stay that night! We had to stay in hotels the entire week at a much higher cost. We had to pay for parking at some of the hotels. The cost for lodging was much higher. We are seeking the additional costs and our original payment returned. This is a total rip off and ruined our vacation! This was all their fault from the original cancellation to the arrogance of trying to steal from older citizens that are ill. I want $2,321.00 from them. Here is the breakdown: 1)$1931 for hotels 2)$40 parking 3)$350 for food we had to eat all our food out because we had no kitchen like an airbnb has.

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