Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Airbnb received my evidence of the reason the guest, Tom, canceled his stay and sided with the guest despite the evidence indicating the contrary. This has cost me my reservation payout of approximately 1100. The guest had a 41 day reservation starting may 1st 2022. In April 27th the guest arranged and dropped off his belongings in preparation for his stay and was able to view and tour the house which at that time was under going some cleanup (common areas only, particularly living room). I indicated to the guest that I would clean up as there are other tenants that live in the home and I cannot be there everyday to reorganize the entire common areas everyday. The guest indicated it was not an issue and paid me for the storage of his materials outside of the Airbnb app as there currently is no functionality to allow this. The guest arrived on may 1st and I gave him an electronic door code and a walkthrough of the house which was much more organized but still undergoing a little organization (again only in the common area of the living room). The other areas of the house were clean, specifically the room that the guest reserved. I left to run an errand and received a text from the guest, Tom, who indicated he didn’t want to stay at the house due to the location not being convenient to his work and because there was not a lock on his room. A lock on his room was never indicated on the Airbnb platform. I did not mind because of my strict cancellation policy. My strict cancellation policy does not allow a refund to the guest once the reservation was started. Knowing this Tom indicated he didn’t want to stay at the house due to it being messy as a means to game the system and to get a refund. Tom subsequently sent them photos of the house specifically only the common areas. I had told and contacted Airbnb and provided my evidence and support and they declined granting me the money owed me. I requested to escalate the issue and they indicated the would reach out in 48-72 hours. I did not receive a call or message in that time frame. I called again and provided all my details. I received a message two days later saying the case had already been decided upon and no change would be made. My case was not appropriately dealt with nor was I given appropriate customer service. The individual at Airbnb customer support that inappropriately handled this case was Miguel and Francisco C.

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Philadelphia | Read more Airbnb complaints

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