Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I rented a property in Scarborough Maine over MLK weekend 2022 for my family, including elderly parents. Although January is not “beach weather” we all enjoy beach walks year round and were looking forward to the experience and anticipated quiet of the off season. I had asked for a partial (not full) refund from a host because I felt mislead by the information presented about the home in its description. Host became furious, and denied my request. So be it. We left, (no instructions from host on how to close up house) and I wrote a review that mentioned some of the details about the property that were disappointing (parking spaces not disclosed, busy street location, much farther to beach than represented, stove/heating unit in kitchen would be a safety hazard to a family with small children). In addition, we discovered the dishwasher was broken during our stay. Host wrote a retaliatory review that attacked me personally and claimed I trashed their home upon leaving. I was careful to take many pictures upon leaving. Kitchen clean, trash in bags in kitchen and bedrooms neat. Airbnb removed my review of host as “not relevant to future renters”. I vehemently disagree. Busy traffic, number of parking spaces, safety hazard and proximity to a beach are completely relevant to anyone renting a property. Even more upsetting, the nasty review of me was allowed to stand, even though the host lied about the condition of the home and slandered me personally. This nasty review has prevented me from being able to rent any other properties on airbnb. Here is how I have been harmed:

I rented a property “steps from the beach” (according to listing). The beach was actually across a very busy road and down another side street. Other guests had limited mobility and proximity to the actual beach was a key consideration. They could not walk that far.
The traffic noise (even in off season) made it difficult to sleep.
The only way to park 2 cars was to jam one vehicle up against trash cans. Parking spots were not adequately described. We had wanted to have an additional rental car (4 adult drivers in rental) but could not, due to limitations.
No instructions in home or communicated by host as to close-up procedures. We filled dishwasher only to discover it was broken. Seemed unreasonable to unload and do all the dishes by hand at that point. Left in DW. We tidied rooms, left towels in pile in bathrooms, cleaned out and wiped down refrigerator, cleaned counters and surfaces, and bagged all trash. Left closed up trash bags in the kitchen as there were no instructions about when trash pickup took place and outside cans were not secure (area has raccoons). Took numerous pictures to document.
I would like some small amount to compensate for the fact that we were promised a “chefs kitchen” – we did not expect a broken dishwasher and received no apology or explanation.

Most of all, I want the slanderous review of me removed. OR I insist that my own review of the property be re-instated, in all fairness. Airbnb has been inconsistent with their own policies in removing a factual review of the property and allowing a slanderous one (with no evidence) about a guest. The host review has caused me continuous, irreparable harm in not being able to rent other properties because of their review.

They need to remove a libelous review of me by my host. Since my factual review was removed, they continue to operate with no harm to them or their business. Meanwhile, I am subject to continued harm while their review stands as my reputation is tarnished and I cannot rent other properties.

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