Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
On 12/28/20 the host Curt ***** committed libel, by writing a bad review about me after I reported him on his apartment being dangerous because I found a pill on the floor and my daughter was 20mths at the time and filthy. The host first sent me an emmail stating he needed to spruce the place up. Then calls me to send me to a different location than was advertised and it was filthy. Curt then offered to give me a refund. The host also said he would pay me for a good review when I offered to clean. After that conversation, I reported the host to Carrie, *****, Jose, Razel, Jeron, Shermaine, Denise E, and Gay of the Airbnb support team. I was giving a $385.00 coupon to stay in another location that was not owned by Curt. On 12/30/20 Curt then defamed my character through Airbnbs online platform via email to my booking agent Maria ***** of ALE solutions, which is a direct violation of their Dispute Moderation for Reviews Policy. This was brought to the attention of CEO Brian ***** on 01/01/21 who then told the Airbnb supervisor Emily ***** to tell me to address all issues through my booking Agent Maria ***** of ALE solutions. When Maria ***** spoke with Emily, Maria ***** was told she could not speak to them it would have to addressed through me. On 01/02/21 Airbnb issued an apology about my issues with Curt. On 01/13/21 I spoke with Lloyd about Curt, who then closed my case on 01/15/21. On 02/08/21 Curt then harassed me by having an Airbnb employee named Oscar call me to say I threatened Curt, stating I was going to write a bad review if he did not refund me. I let Oscar listen to the recordings of my conversation with Curt when he offered to pay me for a good review. Oscar is heard agreeing that Curt was in violation. On 02/09/21 Curt then used the Airbnb platform to write a public libel, defamation of character review about me. On 02/11/21 I brought this review to the attention of Amber ***** and Maria ***** of ALE solutions. On 2/11/21 Airbnb support issued another apology about Curt. On 03/12/21 Neil on the specialized team for Airbnb denies Curt was in violation of the review policy. I again gave the recordings and emails were to Airbnb proving that Curt was in violation and Thomas from Airbnbs specialized team on 03/18/20 also denies twice that Curt was not in violation. I was harmed financially because I had to keep relocating and emotionally because of p.t.s.d. because no one did anything to stop the host who worked for Airbnb. He continues to use Airbnb and even raised the price on the apartments he calls homes. I am seeking $400,000 for emotional distress. I had to seek treatment for all of the trauma that my family and I had to endure. Thank you.

I want them to take down the review they allowed Curt, the host, to falsely write about not only me but some how my partner who did not speak to him, I told him that she had a seizure condition and he used her name to slander her.

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