Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
This experience with this house was unbelievably a nightmare it started with the fact that I was concerned that my door in my bedroom didn’t have a lock and she said she wasn’t gonna put a lock on the door and promise that she would not come in my room there’s many times where she did come into my room when things were moved and she made comments about things regarding my pets secondly she excepted the fact that I had a dog and she was bothered by the fact that my dog had illnesses that made my dog urinate more than usual but she didn’t have accidents I had P pads in the room when she was with me and she was outside most of the time this When what the houses was the one that removed the furniture to put the tarp on and put the tape on the ruined everything and she ruined the bed one month later she escalated the charges Airbnb told me two days after I was first told of $587 charge they told me not to worry and send it to me and writing that I wouldn’t have to deal with it I find that they have $1 million coverage insurance policy today a month later the charge went up to $1200 from Airbnb and they’re ignoring the fact that they told me not to worry about it anymore and then I have it and writing they’re are responding to me anymore she was paid through their insurance policy that they have for $1 million I would like to get a full refund back this woman continues to harass me an Airbnb is not continuing to harass me

I want them to leave me alone I want that hostess to leave me alone I want her to for them to stop trying to get money from me when they said they would take care of it nothing was proven she sent pictures of things after I left that weren’t even there everything was false the day that I left there were other people checking in Airbnb is not even investigating her accusations and they told me over the phone that they would I want them to be investigated I want a refund and I want to insistence of the fact that I owe money harassment to stop

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