Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Brenda and Stephen
May 6-12
Paid $354
Off Airbnb they were fine if I didn’t pay through the app but so I stayed 4 days longer, when my day of check out I didn’t have the amount needed. $480 they constantly asked me to leave the premises to go spend money and drink informing I shouldn’t but I have. So they made threats with taking me to collections since they made a edoc to sign saying I was going to pay which screwed me. So the had me cancel my flight with the money I had left to get back home so I could pay them. They also wanted me to donate my blood to make more money. And had me clean their Airbnb. Since I canceled my flight I had to give the money that refunded to them and left me stranded and left completely homeless due to these host and desperate need for payment. The reason I Agreed is cause they offered me a discount for my stay and a job with them but as soon as my debt been payed the lied and changed their minds and as I yet still stranded cause I hardly have the source to get me out of a city im not from. Brenda and Stephen left me homeless and broke in a state I’m not from

How treated by these host.

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Grand forks | Read more Airbnb complaints

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