Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
I booked an Airbnb in Houston , TX for my family from May6 to May8 . Upon reaching the apartment I found that the place had a major bug infestation . There were worms everywhere, bedroom , kitchen , bathroom , living room etc. i called the house immediately who agreed for a refund on the phone . I have pictures and video evidence of the apartment with the bugs in it . So , trusting the word of the host , we left the place as we were super tired after a 5 hours drive from Dallas . I tried calling Airbnb but got no response from the helpline . I had to pay a higher impromptu rate at a hotel near by even though I shouldn’t have because I had a booking with Airbnb. Then I got busy living and followed up with Airbnb when I reached home on the 11th of May. I was assured by the customer care person that she would put a request to the host to refund my money and thereafter Airbnb will waive their charges . After 2 days I get a message from Airbnb that the host is unresponsive. Meanwhile I did put in a review of the propriety detailing my experience, to which the host lied thru their teeth saying that my review was false . Even though I have evidence stating otherwise . Airbnb says they cannot help since the host is unresponsive and the host won’t respond because they are pissed by an honest review . The result is that my hard earned 500$ are stuck , moreover the cost of the hotel and the trauma of looking for a new place plus the fact that I am being called a liar , is what is forcing me to give these guys a fair shake . Hope you can help .

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