Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Hi so i made a reservation this morning, for my family coming next week and its my first time booking it so i texted the host before doing anything and she asked me how many person are going to be in total? I told her 6 and she asked me to update in teh reservation but I wasn’t able to but i went through whole overview of reservation and it was written that the it’s rental ad for the entire place and moreover i texted the host as well before booking it and she didn’t told me about any extra charges for that. And when i booked it for what i say on ad like $1152 approx , then she texted me that i need to pay $768 more which i asked her to waive as it’s unfair and after having conversation she threatened me on call that if I’m gonna cancel she only gonna give me $250 which is fraud so i tried to convince her that m requesting to cancel on same day like after two hours , she didn’t agreed and i asked her to make $1500 as i was ready to pay more $400 rather than gettinh in lose but she didn’t agreed as she said the total is $1446 but sje has to pay airbnb lot of money which is making my stay as $2000 in total which is not my fault as I don’t have anything to do with host charges and still i asked her if she wants i can pay in cash if she don’t want to pay the tax and fees for which she said she’s not comfortable which again i agreed as i was respectful to every decision of her and at the end she told me that I don’t have any previous reviews so she is not feeling very comfortable and she asked me to cancel so again i said it’s your property and it’s your choice at the end that whom you want to welcome so you can cancel by all means and I’m okay with that. But then she didn’t replied and canceled by her end and just refunded the $250 which is totally unfair. As first she accused me just because I don’t have any reviews because it’s my first time using this app and secondly if she didn’t felt comfortable for me having no reviews so why did she took $1156 in the first place. She took all my money and requested for more which i denied so she canceled and just refunded $250. It was mental harassment and unfair and i need my justifice and my money back.

Submitted by: Anonymous Airbnb customer in Scarborough | Read more Airbnb complaints

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