Airbnb Claim for Compensation

Airbnb Claim for Compensation

What Airbnb did:
Went to Long Island this weekend and got an Airbnb that was advertised for having a “beautiful, pet friendly backyard”. Upon arrival, we were shocked to see the backyard covered in moldy food, broken glass, and garbage spread everywhere. We specifically rented this listing for the backyard and a “pet friendly” location. But, as I said, there was garbage scattered everywhere, broken glass, a toilet, tons of debris, tarp – you could SMELL the trash. Before I could stop her, my dog grabbed something out of the trash – and it was an old piece of pizza with an inch in thickness of mold. She ingested this, and in case you don’t know – mold in this capacity is deadly for dogs. It causes seizures, their organs to shut down and painfully die. We had to rush to the veterinarian emergency and have the dog’s stomach pumped. After 4 hours of treatment and $600 in vet bills, she pulled through. I told the host what happened, and at first, she was apologetic and offered to pay for the vet bill. But, when I sent her the vet bill, I realized she had blocked my number. After leaving the emergency and going back to Airbnb, we packed our bags and left immediately. I called Airbnb for a refund. I was appalled to hear from the represenatative that they would only be giving us a 50% refund. I asked why, and the representative’s response was “The host doesn’t want to give you all of your money back”. Confused, I said there has to be some kind of authority that Airbnb has to make these decisions. The (extremely rude) representative responded by telling me that because this issue was in the backyard and not INSIDE the house, there was “nothing they could do”. The representative then went on to say “your dog is your responsibility”. I am absolutely outraged.

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