American Home Shield Claim for Compensation

American Home Shield Claim for Compensation

What American Home Shield did:
We have a home warranty with American Home Shield. On 4/25/2022 we filed a service request for our hot water heater. They charged us $100 for a service call and sent J&A Plumbing to our home to diagnose the problem. J&A Plumbing didn’t fix the problem. We called AHS and requested a different plumber. They told us it would cost another $100, which we refused since we’d already paid for service. We tried several times to get the second service fee waived, without luck. We called a Diamond-Certified local company, Ongaro & Sons, to diagnose the problem. This is what they reported to us today (5/18/22): “The Takagi TK1 is not igniting, multiple parts have been replaced with the advice of technical support, after troubleshooting with technical support, they determined that the computer board had failed, computer boards for this model have been discontinued. Unit is not repairable. I called AHS today to request that they replace the unit based on this diagnosis, and they refused. At first they offered a second opinion from a service providing of their choosing, if we paid another $100 service call, which I refused. After that, they said now that we have a second diagnosis they will no longer honor service or replace our water heater.

We are seeking the cost of replacing our water heater, a refund of the $100 service call fee, and the cost of replacement parts that we ordered in order to rule out all possible causes of the problem.

Submitted by: Anonymous American Home Shield customer in SANTA ROSA | Read more American Home Shield complaints

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