AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I was told if I signed up for fiber internet I would receive a $250 reward card. I never received the card and called to check on it and was told by the reward center too much time has passed oh well to try customer care. I was told by customer care, it’s out of their hands and is up to the rewards center, if there was a way to give me the rewards card, they would but it’s up to the rewards center. There is nothing that says the rewards card needs to be claimed. In fact, it says an “email or letter with redemption requirements will be sent.” It was never sent. They even show it was never sent because AT&T never notified them to send it. Now I’m being told it’s too late because 120 days has passed. I would understand that if an email was sent and I didn’t respond for 120 days but this is AT&T failed and didn’t notify the rewards center and now I’m not getting part of the contractual offer of if I sign up for fiber internet, I get a $250 rewards card. The employees and even supervisors of AT&T say it’s in the rewards center’s hands and the rewards center is saying there’ nothing they can do because AT&T didn’t notify them so I’m being screwed over and not getting my part of the offer.

I am seeking a $250 rewards card.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Yukon | Read more AT&T complaints

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