AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I opened up an account with att using the promotion switch and we will pay off your phone bill.
I gave them my s20 fe for starting new service with them. And the were supposed to pay off the account. It was a Verizon account. Only one of the 2 phones were turned in. I now have a 1000+ dollar collection from Verizon for the cellphone that we gave att. It is now on my credit report also. And I have to deal with collection letters and phone calls all the time.

I would like a credit of 1000 dollars on my account or in cash for time spent talking to Verizon and having to deal with customer service for something I did not do. . I would like them to resolve the issue with Verizon.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Pensacola | Read more AT&T complaints

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