AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
In February I was sent a text message stating if I was the account holder they had news for me. I have been receiving spam texts from people claiming to be AT&T so I ignored it at first then I received another and I called in to see what this was about the person told me there was nothing on their end so in this conversation I wanted to add three more lines for my children the guy walked me through this whole process and at the end he said hold on there’s a mistake it looks like your December bill hasn’t went through mind you this is two months later in February so I didn’t understand that I’ve had no service interruption before then. I was very hesitant to pay right then and there because I am on auto pay I’ve never heard anything about it until now so I told the person I would look into it give me a few days however during this time one of my kids got sick and I was not able to work and my husband has an outside job with all the rain his work slowed down. We have had our phone off since February however my account would get charged and then several weeks later they would shut my phone off again this happened several times today is April 27 I have called to paid my phone bill after doing it online three times and I say they took the money out of my account but has not turned my services back on when I called it said it didn’t go through because of some technical error. This is not only affecting me financially this is also affecting my credit and mental stability. I need this matter to be resolved as soon as possible and to never have an issue like this again to find out what is happening there’s been so much confusion since I have come into this contract from day one. I forgot to add in the beginning I ported over two lines somehow it took my husbands line weeks before was actually ever poured it in and he was getting phone calls on his phone his phone calls would still go through to the old phone so that made us lose money and things as well.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Stone Mountain | Read more AT&T complaints

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