AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
When I signed on with AT&T it was because I had had many problems with my former long-distance carrier T-Mobile It was during Covid that T-Mobile The issues with T mobile had nothing to do with billing but rather technical accountability. T mobile had recently merged with Sprint At that time, and they had not worked ouy many of the service kinks that were the cause of many of their customers dropped calls. Mine were no exception. They dropped the ball many times because they could not ensure a carrier service in my area and it was a time that my parents were both ill with Covid and I was not able to communicate with my parents so I ceased and desisted my service from T-Mobile to go to AT&T. When I signed up with AT&T I explained to them that I did not want my bill to exceed $125 per mont, that was my budget for my phone service. They offered to of course let me sign up for an opportunity to have my account drafted by AT&T to pay my phone service monthly bill I denied their offer but at no time did I ever get a bill from AT&T that was less than $125 it was always more. I’ve battled with them every month until I was insane with anxiety from having to go through the bill with a fine tooth comb and find the places in my bill that were charges that did not belong to me, that I did not ask for, and I was tired of doing battle with them, month after month. So, I dropped them. I’ve had many discussions with AT&T concerning my bill.?I I did not wanna argue with them every single month over the same issue, about a monthly bill that had discrepancies and billing problems that were consistent and ongoing month after month, after month. It was if they were chiding me into a monthly emotional rage that I have had with no other service provider, ever. clearly they had records of every discussion that we’ve had concerning my AT&T long-distance bill, It was as if the previous month and the similar billing problems associated with that month, never took place at all. I draw up in a vexed spirit every time I hear the name AT&T . If there wasn’t another long-distance phone carrier anywhere else in the world I guess I would just have to be without a phone. I want my bill with AT&T leveled in good standing, no negative credit reports, no nothing, leave me alone AT&T. This is affecting my credit score, it affected my my emotional well being then, as it continues to do today,

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