AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I was harmed financially by being lied to by a store employee regarding a promotion for a cell phone trade in. I have been a customer with ATT for ten years now. On Sept 25, 2022, my nephew traded in his phone a Samsung Galaxy S20 only with the understanding a $500 credit would apply once he mailed back his old phone to ATT. I am the primary account holder; he is the secondary account holder. He was with his girlfriend were together when the store employee made these false claims, lied to us, and used deceptive business practices to entice us to trade the phone in. My nephew called to obtain permission to add a new device for the phone and I myself spoke to the saleswoman, Parul *****, and asked all the robing questions regarding trade in. She stated the trade in value for the Samsung phone would be $500, the monthly financed amount would be a total of $700, split up over 36 months, after the lump sum of $500 was applied. I specifically asked was this a lump sum, one-time credit and she said yes. I also told her we are only trading this in under those very specific conditions. She also told us about the Apple watch promotion for $10 a month. I specifically asked questions regarding this also such any other additional finance charges and was told no, $10 a month because all other charges were already applied to my monthly bill. There were a total of three witnesses to this conversation. The next month the phone bill was outrageous! There was a total of $85 additional each month and a bunch of other charges for the new phone. The bill was almost $600. We mailed the trade in back to ATT on Sept 29th with the understanding all this would clear up once they received the phone. When I saw the bill, I immediately called ATT, so did my nephew, we were told not to worry, pay the amount we always pay and all the credit would be applied the following month. November rolls around, no credit, we call ATT and the same statement is told, we are still processing and the credit will be applied next month, sometimes it can take a couple months for the credit to show up. Dec same thing, no credit, we call, Jan same thing no credit, we call. So here we are in May, finally my nephew spoke to a so-called supervisor who told him the reason the credit hasn’t showed up is because we never mailed the phone back to them, after insisting we did but being told we were liars we provided them the mail receipt for the phone. At this point they applied a $13 credit to the bill and said this would be our new monthly credit for the $500 we were originally promised. This is not what we were told, and this is not what we are going to accept. We never would have traded in the phone under these shady circumstances. After calling every single month, not one sales representative ever said anything about a monthly credit or about the [hone not arriving. WE had to insist on answers.

We filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. They did not respond within the BBB portal but instead I received a phone call during the middle of the workday, of what showed up as ATT EXEC OFFICES in my missed call list. Of course, no voice mail was left like any professional would do. We received an email from:
Toan Nguyen II
Sr. Manager
Office of the President
Executive Care and Advocacy

Toan knew that the chances of me picking up the phone at that time was not going to happen as it was the middle of the business day and most people are working at that time. So why not leave a voice message? Because he had no intention of speaking to me that why. In his first email he said to call him back. I called and left four voice messages before he finally responded by hiding behind the email. All he could muster up the courage to write was “Sorry for the miscommunication, the credit are applied monthly”. That’s it! He seems to think this is the last of it. I offered a remedy of returning or replacing the original trade in or applying the $500 credit as a one lump sum credit and spreading the monthly payments out for the remaining $700 over three years. If you do the math there is a difference in the price each month, which is why they are being deceptive in a way to make more money. The Apple watch is more than $10 a month because they attached all these bogus fees to it.

Toan thinks because of his email and title from Office of the President Sr manager, that I will be scared and shy away. I’***** sure the actual president of ATT has no idea what his little minions are doing except whatever it takes to keep the profit margins rolling in. Well, I’***** not afraid of Toan or the real president for that matter. I sued Wells Fargo in a court of law, and I’ll be happy to take Att to court also. We want remedies. The ridiculous amount of money we have been spending on this phone each month, the original phone Samsung back or the lump sum $500 credit and the promised $10 each month for the Apple watch without the fees. Or we can mail the watch back also.

The whole mail in offer is another deceptive move from ATT. It would be much easier for customers to drop the phone off at their nearest ATT store, they can process the paperwork and all trade ins right there at the store and then the employees could mail back the phone to ATT or have a pickup service of some kind. This would eliminate all the confusion but instead they like the confusion, so they can create more lies like, “we never received the phone”. Toan Nguyen Ii, Sr. Manager, Office of the President, Executive Care and Advocacy, need to be fired immediately. Unfortunately, some people and in this case Asian, do not have the proper skills to handle difficult situations correctly. They make their way the corporate ladder by being a brown noser or a sycophant. A cold and short email saying sorry for the miscommunication, is not good enough and I will not accept it. If we have to go to court, then I’***** ready. Toan thinks his title and the words Office of the President scare me. I’***** sure it does some people but not me.

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