AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I’m a senior citizen who asked for a simple DirecTV verbal contract that I was not to pay no more than 8111 a month somehow they added HBO Cinemax Netflix and all this other stuff that I did not ask for they’re charging me for this stuff and I told him that they’re breaching their verification contract and that I do not want to stay with this company because they are stealing from senior citizens on fixed incomes I was told I told them to take all the equipment back and cancel contract they threatened me with paying fees for having their equipment which I often to get back I’m at the point where I’m ready to sue them because they’re robbing senior citizens in Maryland giving them stuff that they did not ask for I want out of this contract I want my money back that I paid them cuz I paid over 811 last month I gave him 200 something dollars now they want to charge me a month later $257.64 more I tried calling them and got in contact with a supervisor who basically threatened me that if I did not stay in the contract that they was going to charge me $407 for having the equipment when I told him I would give the equipment to a judge or return it to wherever they wanted me to return their equipment I am on fix income I cannot afford these fees that they charge me for just simple DirecTV I would like for people in charge of this company to understand and know that a lot of us on disability and cannot afford to be robbed like they are doing me it’s illegal and they know it’s illegal and I wish some resolution could become of this where they can have the equipment back they can take their DirecTV because I don’t trust them no more because they going to constantly keep trying to put stuff on there that I don’t want and charging me for I just want a resolution to this to end it all without kicking out any more money that I don’t have all this took place between March April May and now June I don’t have the exact dates but if the money thing keep going up from each month is like 90 to $100 more

I would just like the company to take and cancel all of this because I’m a senior citizen on the fixed income I will give them their 811 but they do owe me and I’m not looking for them to pay me back I’m just looking to get out of this mess.

Submitted by: Anonymous AT&T customer in Baltimore | Read more AT&T complaints

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