AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I was on my parents phone plan with atnt and then had to get on my own plan since my parents wanted me to get off theirs so I went to atnt and told them I wanted to keep my number but have a separate line and the guy made it seem like it’s really hard for them to have me keep my same number so that’s problem one. He made me get a new number since it would be easier for them. Problem to he asked if I wanted to upgrade my phone since I was due and I said yes because he said you only need to pay $29 dollars for the I phone 13 pro and me being excited I said okay. He told me nothing about me having to pay for the $1,500 dollar phone for 36 months and I asked him again how much the phone would cost and he said 29.99. You can imagine I was upset when I got my first bill and it was $250 and now I’m stuck with a new number and $1,500 phone.y phone bill is $180 every month and it cuts my budget so tightly. I’m upset with the worker for trying to hide it so Atnt could gain from me.

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