AT&T Claim for Compensation

AT&T Claim for Compensation

What AT&T did:
I am filing a claim for attentional bad acts. Negligence. Also, breach of contract.

At approximately April 19th I purchased a Samsung s22 plus phone from a wireless phone expert provided in the app. I was very specific about fully understanding the TOTAL amount I would have to pay. The charges came up to 75.00 monthly. I again asked if this was the amount of the bill because I can’t afford to pay beyond this amount. I was assured this was the correct amount. When I received the email it was stated as a custom QUOTE and it was for 98.00. So this was the first sign of deception I was given. After a week or so I hadn’t received a bill in the app. I also never recover my installment details. The app just says oops there’s a problem please check back later. I called and was told the bill was still being processed and the installment detail and I was assured the bill would be available before the first billing cycle. About 2 or 3 weeks later I think I received a paper bill in the mail for the amount of 208.00 I called them and the agent reassured me that none of the discounts had been applied and my bill in the app would reflect the proper charges including my discounts. I was assured the amount I had agreed to was the correct amount. I’m not sure exactly when the bill appeared in my art app. But it was for 208.00 So I called them and I opened a ticket to have this issue looked into. The lady I spoke to asked me if I could write down the ticket number. I was outside and could not. I asked her to please include the ticket number in the email because they send you a summary of the phone calls in an email. I asked her to either email it or text it to me. She said this was not a problem. She also said that a decision would be made on May 31st and I would receive the answer via email. When the email with the phone summary was sent to be the part that would state the actual phone conversation summary was left blank. Absolutely nothing was summarized at all. No ticket information or anything at all. Twice I called Att to speak with someone in the dept that handles the ticket claims to discuss my claim. Both times I was told no and that I had to wait until May 31st to receive an email with their decision. I was not allowed to speak to an agent concerning the ticket. On May 31st I did not receive an email. I called Att and was told there was no ticket found and they were not able to find one. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on h***-***-**** the call was disconnect********ed again and was told again by a different agent that they were unab******@*****.*** number. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor also stated that she was unable to locate any ticket information. When I asked her what am I supposed to do. She said she wasn’t sure and there was nothing more she could do. I was left hanging. I became so distraught. I had been working on repairing and building my credit score because I want to start a nonprofit organization or a small business. My credit score was up to 720 so I was very happy about that. My old phone crashed on me and I had started doing blogs on my YouTube podcast channel so I wanted a good phone that could help me with blogs and podcasting. The reviews suggested this phone as a top contender. I felt like I was making a good investment to help my podcast and any other direction I wanted to go into business-wise. I was very nervous. I was scared my hard work on my credit score would be ruined. I emotionally felt like I had failed and att was going to take no responsibility whatsoever. I waited a little while because this is consuming my life. After all, my future as a black businesswoman is now in jeopardy. So I call them back and explain that I was told what my total bill amount would be. At first, I was told my bill was high because of a one-time 30 activation fee think. I told them I was aware of that few but it does not justify the total monthly bill amount. I had originally after I first bought the phone. The agent agreed with me and said she was communicating all of this to the billing department and that they agreed and we’re adjusting my bill and I would receive the proper bill amount after the call. She then said the total bill amount would be 115.00 monthly and I disagreed with that because this was not the amount I agreed to. I told her I was sent an email after I purchased the phone and even though it included fees and taxes that I thought were included in the bill amount it still only came up to 98.00. and at the very least the bill should reflect that amount and she put me on had again and then said the billing department agreed and they were adjusting the bill. When I receive the email with the phone summary it simply said I was given a courtesy adjustment of 39.00. That was it. So I call them back about a week later and I ask them if I can trade this phone for a deal with a free phone or a lesser bill amount. I was told no. I stated to them that because of the way customer service had handled this whole process was very draining and I felt like I was being taken as a joke. I felt like they saw me as stupid and not important at all. Not valued in any way whatsoever even though they greet me as a valued customer and thank me for being a customer. I felt like they’ve done this to so many people, not just me. I felt helpless. I don’t even know if I want to start a business now because I don’t feel like I would be respected or acknowledged and I would potentially just become scammed over and over. I feel like because idk all the loopholes or fine hidden print with hidden fees would even be something I would be able to discern and could and most likely be in way over my head and more possible dept. I now see mega-companies do not care about the little people and they will paint a perfect happy picture only to set you up for failure so they can make more profit. This is so stressful I realized I don’t have what it takes for a 52-year-old black woman with limited education and a mental health disability I could not endure fighting mega-companies. I almost feel like they did me a favor by showing me how slick they can be with deception. I am just totally miserable. I thought mega-companies were honest people who wanted to help and kept their word. I can’t imagine how many more times I would have to be under so much stress trying to take them head-on. I realized I can’t handle this type of pressure and what att did to me was just a foreshadowing of things to come. I’ve created and cried one the fact that I am not important and I will not be valued. 1My main goal was to work with missing children and family relationships to decrease the number of runaways we have each year.I feel like my dreams can’t come true because companies only want profit and at my expense.
So I ask the agent if I can simply return the phone to them and if they had an early termination fee since I can’t trade my phone in. I was told that I only had 2 weeks to return the phone. I explained it took a good two weeks maybe more before I even got my first bill. So there was nothing to make me wanna return the phone. I was told this is company policy and this dean does not warrant an exception. I can still return the phone but the I will still be billed for the full amount of the phone regardless. I had not made a payment because I just didn’t have 208.00 I was nervous that if I made a partial payment maybe they had a hidden term or fee that allowed them to go ahead and take the full amount out of my account. This forces me to lay the bill or risk having my credit score ruined. I just got the second bill and they still want 164.00 for the first bill and they charged me 114.00 which is still over the original amount I agreed to. I just am so stressed I can’t mentally make one more phone call asking them why or to adjust it. So I’ve been trying to resolve one issue for 2 months and it consumed a lot of time on the phone. This was a lot of pressure. I was told about Fair Shake and I finally felt some relief. A glimmer of hope.

I want out of this contract will att. I never wanna do business with them where I would be subjected to their customer service and the amount of time it takes to try to have one simple issue fixed. I’ve had their internet for a long time and I never had an issue. But my internet is free through a government program. so I guess that would explain why. But I can’t handle whatever the NEXT issue would be because their customer service is very skilled in deception. They can have their phone back. I do not want this to negatively impact my credit score in any way shape form or fashion. I am also asking for 2500 for emotional and mental distress. I have a mental health diagnosis of PTSD. I worked extremely hard to control this and keep it at bay. I have started having return symptoms of PTSD. I have had nights I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about this. Because I realize how cold-natured these mega-companies can be I know I’m not cut out for the type of self-owned business that I want to pursue. I have had to seek therapy concerning this. I had racing thoughts each time I found out I was being deceived. I developed low self-esteem. I started isolating myself from people. I had a lot of confidence.I no longer have it. I’ve cried. I’ve had to take medicine to calm myself down and relax. I run the risk of stroke and can not handle being too emotionally upset constantly. I am wondering if I will need to return to mental health education because this to help me stabilize myself. I’ve been off medication for several years now. This has taken up the very valuable time I needed to study and learn about my business and to do podcasting because I talk about very sensitive topics and I have to be emotionally and mentally well to take on these topics when podcasting. My energy decreases considerably when I have to deal with att. I cancelled plans to see my grandson because he’s a toddler and I due to the amount of stress I would not be able to properly watch him and attend to his needs. They live in another state and I haven’t seen him in a few years and I missed a really good opportunity for him to come to stay with me for a few months. I can’t address my podcast because I can’t focus on the topics I need to discuss. After all, for a few days after each phone call, this is all I can think about. I have lost a few I also need to be able to purchase a new phone because I won’t have one after this one is returned and I don’t have the income to buy one which is the very reason why I chose to purchase it phone in installment plans.

My home address is 660 n spring st
Apt 609
Independence Mo 64050

My att phone number is 816-890-3383

My account number is 3010857613

I purchased the Samsung Galaxy s22 128 GB

My email for art is:

The amount of the bill includes internet and wireless. My internet bill is 0.00 because of a government agency that pays it.
The amount owed is my wireless plan.

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