CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
Have been a customer for 4 years and our internet has been horrible the entire time. Recently ordered a new modem and was quoted $200 for it but was told since I’ve been such a loyal customer, they would give it to me for $100. When the new modem arrived, it was not the correct one although the paperwork that came with it says it’s the one I ordered. I called centurylink and after 1 representative tried selling me other services instead of handling why I was calling, I was transferred to a different depth and after I told them the issue, they said not my depth, and transferred me again. When I finally got to the right dept, the representative told me that the mode. I ordered wasn’t in stock and that’s why they sent me the one that they did.i asked why no one called to let me know this was the issue before sending me the wrong midom and why the paperwork said that it was the modem that I ordered? She had no answer except to say that the modem they sent me, even though incorrect w, was still better then the one I currently have. I asked fir them to email me a return label, she said they could only ups me one and it would take 7-10 business days for it to arrive. So basically they sent me the wrong modem with incorrect paperwork hoping I wouldn’t notice and they would still be charging me for the one I wanted, not the one they sent.

Unsure of amount to ask for as I’ve been over paying for years for internet services that are horrible.

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