CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
When Century Link severed shared billing with Verison my auto pay became severed as well. I called to reinstate my service and asked if I could reistablish auto pay. Although nobody seemed to know how, my account was ajusted to omit late charges. I also signed up for an on line account AND auto pay. Figured it out on my own. Next billing cycle, same problem. Agent again removed late fees and verified I was set up for auto pay. To be sure, I rechecked on my own and found out that I was. Today, same problem. Spoke with supervisor Sally who checked with auto pay department and asked for my routing number and checking account number again. She said that she gave them the information and I sould check my 3/21 statement to verify amount due and whether it was withdrawn or not. I am not present at this address during winter months so I would have to make a 220 mile trip to check that. At any rate she indicated that it is which is true barring their screw ups. So I will be paper billed 3/21 for charges including late fees. I dropped the auto pay as it is advertised as a convenience and is not. I would add that I have had most of my bills paid by auto pay for several years without a single error or mishap. I should not be penalized for the incompetence of of anny ***** much less one that posts billions in annual profit.

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