CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
We have essentially the same internet speed now as over 20 years ago. Would love to actually get 1st world speeds here in the US suburbs one day! We cannot get cable, have no cell signal alternative, Starlink isn’t available here and Centurylink will not support/maintain their copper DSL lines–which is all that’s available. Centurylink is charging us for 10-12 *Mbps* (NOT gigabytes per second). When we test it, the maximum we can ever get is 6.5 Mbps and that is in the middle of the night. All this for $70 per month. Satellite internet is not sufficient to exist in modern world (latency) where Zoom and MS Meetings are required in addition to online school! Schoolteacher husband had to drive to a local pot shop parking lot for their WiFi for the year the students were out due to Covid. The gas burned for him to keep warm in the winter to teach over 150 kids a day alone was grotesque. The health issues he suffered because of it was disgusting. He deserves better. My kids deserve better. But according to Centurylink we are unworthy, and in practice get screwed out of jobs and school classes. So proud to live in the wealthiest country on the planet… Does the law hold them to their promises? They market fiber to everyone around here and happily lobby congress and accept infrastructure build out tax breaks. But in practice this somehow only benefits their major shareholders. They have REMOVED service to streets near me actually shrinking their service footprint in this criminally undeserved area. How are they allowed to advertise, promise, take tax money and then run away from what amounts to a monopoly around here? They have screwed local property values when compared to adjacent towns because of this and we get to suck it up and have to beg them to even maintain the bleedin’ copper lines. Are they really that much more worthy than entire towns of citizens where they are the only game in town, and they pick up their ball and go home?!?

Provide first world internet service as promised & advertised, to existing customers at least, OR pay those tax credits & infrastructure grants back to the people of the US.

Submitted by: Anonymous CenturyLink customer in Hansville | Read more CenturyLink complaints

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