CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

CenturyLink Claim for Compensation

What CenturyLink did:
I signed up for centurylink 40mbps in 2017-18. They combined 2 20mbps connections into 1 40mbps. In 2019 aug it stopped working. I called in and they claimed an error was made adding lines to a new apartment complex and service was knocked out. They said I would be refunded I just need to call back in a few weeks when it’s fixed and they’ll give me a full refund for the time it’s been out. Ives called in 3 times and still no fix. It’s now 3 years later and the issue hasn’t been resolved. I finally had an engineer look at it and they claimed that they were never able to provide me with the service I’ve been paying for for the last 3 years. Then I get a notice in the mail that they offer even faster service at my exact address. Nothing they have provided me has been accurate and Everytime I call in I get disconnected now. I have 6 hours of recorded conversations of lies and misinformation being provided that I would also like reviewed. To this day they are still unable to even understand the issue yet fix it!

Submitted by: Anonymous CenturyLink customer in Chandler | Read more CenturyLink complaints

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