Chase Claim for Compensation

Chase Claim for Compensation

What Chase did:
I have 22 hours of recorded phone calls with chase. I have spoken to over 14 different employees. I have been cussed out in Indian, I have had 3 employees from claims department on 2 different days disconnect the call. I even had an employee from claims transfer me to their “executive claims department” stayed on the line and waited for the supervisor. After 15 minutes on hold they finally connected me and the supervisor hangs up before the employee could introduce me. She apologized and put me on hold another 10 minutes till she found a new supervisor. Then the new supervisor just transferred me to another department. Then the new department claims that they can’t share any information with me. All this started when I experienced fraud on TD Ameritrade. I requested TD ameritrade close my account and freeze all the money. They sent me a certified letter confirming that “all money services were disabled”on Dec 6 2021. It also stated that the account was closed and no money can go in or out of the account. A month later 6000$ along with several other 4 digit transfers were placed by that party fraudulently. I called their claims department and was told someone would call be back asking for more information. I had to reach out to chase claims a second time and they told me to upload my supporting documents via the secure message center in the app. I uploaded multiple documents including the certified letter TD sent me verifying that my account was shut down and secured. I got a response in the app from customer service confirming that the forwarded my documents over to chase claims. To double check I called chase claims and notified them that I had uploaded the documents and wanted to make sure their department received them. The claims department employee stated he would do that and that he was putting it in my notes as well. A week later I get a notification that my claim was closed and chase is removing 6000$ from my account making me go negative and preventing me from paying my bills. I panicked and called my local chase branch who transferred me to claims, claims transferred me to collections, then collections was confused and transferred me back to claims, then claims transferred me to the executive team, then to a supervisor of that team, then to a specific employee handling my case. All this while being purposely disconnected by a supervisor. They explained to me after I explaining this whole situation to FOURTEEN “14”!!! Employees that they closed my claim because I never submitted any documents…. I then showed them screenshots and the recorded conversation of their employees confirming that the documents were submitted and verified by chase. He “sincerely apologized” then claimed my case would be reopened and looked into. Nothing has been looked into and it still shows my claim as closed several days after that phone call. All of these phone calls are recorded. I also have the employee code of several of their employees disconnecting me. I called back in and asked a supervisor for their codes. Now my credit is being hit and I’m about to have my utilities cut off because I cannot pay my bills. Chase turned my account negative all because their employees lied and scammed me. They are refusing to complete my claim properly and have provided me with a lot of blatantly false information.

Credit report correction and I want to know the employees playing games and lying are disciplined properly.

Submitted by: Anonymous Chase customer in Austin | Read more Chase complaints

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