Chase Claim for Compensation

Chase Claim for Compensation

What Chase did:
My accounts have been frozen since April 19th. I have 2 business accounts and a personal account – both business accounts are on hold. I deposited a check into one account and the client had protect pay implemented and someone didn’t approve the checks, so that was the first hit, said client resent checks, I deposited on 4/22 they immediately put a hold on it without releasing any funds – I have been calling the fraud dept almost every day to make sure there is nothing for me to do. Deposited into other bus account on 4/29 they put those on hold as well. Mind you I have been depositing this clients checks for over 3 years now. I opened my account with their check. I called Monday they released one account, and said that the other would be two days, I called today because I have no money in my account -They said my account was closed. On the hold they put on?
So my credit has completely been ruined, I missed EVERY payment that was supposed to be made so they are all marked late – I have made payment arrangements on the ones that I can, I wasn’t able to pay my employees, i have multiple 2/3 overdraft fees, and they are telling me that I wont have money for 3-5 days. How can a bank do this? I have been sick over this, my anxiety is so bad I cant get out of what to do. They have really put me in a bad way mentally.

I would like my payments for this month to now show late, I want some type of payment for the stress and anxiety that has crippled me for over 3 weeks now.

Submitted by: Anonymous Chase customer in San Tan Valley | Read more Chase complaints

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