Chase Claim for Compensation

Chase Claim for Compensation

What Chase did:
I deposited a check into my chase account in which a hold was placed on 100% of the $2000 check that i deposited this was on May 7 2022 it is now may 29th 2022 and chase is still with holding my money from me this is illegal , to explain …. A hold was put on the $2,000 check i deposited then the funds were withdrawn from the check makers account and chase took around $180 out of the money they collected from capitol 1 (check makers bank) for the check in response to my negative ballance at the time of the deposit however refused to lift the hold and make my funds avalible to me so on the 18th i saw where my deposited funds minus the $180+ has moved into my avalible ballance for use however chase had “restricted” my account which means FROZEN btw but they did this to further hold my deposit beyond the extent of the law and went further to close my account after that and they are refusing to give me my money that was in that account . I called chase support many times they were unreasonable rude unhelpful they lied to me many times they also minupliate and twist the ongoings of this isshew with inaccurate language/misleading vocabulary and snd turn of events and they change there demands repeditally change on what is needed to get my money from them also they can not show what policy they are following that supports this illegal activity victomizeing me and causeing major dammages to my finances and income as well as other people involved in this particular trans action as to what it was and what it was for and the stipulations of which it was gotten and the many thousands of dollars pf dammages incured because of this and chase was well informed of the detailes of this deposit and the importance there of as well as my liabilitys and conciquences due to chase illegal banking practices and illeagaly with holding my deposit past the legal limit and refuseing to return the remainder of funds in my account when they closed it however they collected their money out of the deposit and are barracadeing me from my deposit my money and this is causeing me great hardship and loss of income i must tell you that the losses i have imcured due to this criminal activity that chase is partaking in with complete dis reguard to federal banking laws in the fact there blatently breaking the laws and fornicating with the facts to cover there tracks i have pictures of the account and solid proof of the movement of money i can validate my claim this is a very serious matter

I want a formal Apology from JP Morgan dirrectly on company letterhead signed and dayed by him in his personal hand writeing telling me how sorry he is for the conduct of those employees and the way they handeled my money and offended me and disrespected me many times and for the hardship they retegretably brought upon myself my family and my lively hood !!

Submitted by: Anonymous Chase customer in New Iberia | Read more Chase complaints

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