Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

What Comcast Xfinity did:
I filed a ticket # 054168079 with Comcast on 5/21/22. Comcast cut my electrical lines connected to my sprinkler system when they dug next to my garage to fix my Comcast cable connection. They did this in December 2021. It cost us $309.00 to have the electrical damage fixed by a professional landscaper. He is willing to testify that he is convinced Comcast cut the lines as he has seen this many times before. I have called Comcast four times and spoken to 2 managers. Both assured me someone would be calling me within 2 weeks and no one has called. I was told Comcast would be reimbursing us for this damage.

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast Xfinity customer in Eugene | Read more Comcast Xfinity complaints

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