Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

What Comcast Xfinity did:
I called and canceled my television service back in July 2021. I disconnected all equipment and returned. Later I also find out they charged me for the equipment that I returned $350. Three months later I received a bill that was extremely high to find out I was still being charged for television. I called to dispute the charges was told I would receive a credit and that was in November 1921 but I never received anything and they disconnected my Internet for past due. I called and explained what was happened and why I had the past due and they turned my Internet back on said I would receive a credit in which I never received and again in December my Internet was turned off and I was still charged for television. During December my Internet was turned off every week in which I called and they would turn my Internet back on and say that my bill was being worked on. January 2022 they finally stopped charging for television services but I am still being charged for voice which I never requested and never used and just like the television service I had asked for them to cancel the Voice service. February 2022 no credits applied outstanding balance due and still being charged for voice. Now Internet is turned off daily in which I call every morning and they connect services just to be disconnected the following morning. Every day for three months up until May 2022 I call am told that I will receive a credit Internet is disconnected and reconnected daily and still no credit but now Internet is completely disconnected and I am told I will not receive any credits at all. I am stuck with a $1500 bill for services they refused to stop charging for.

I truly believe I was done wrong and having to contact the company daily for over four months in order to have my Internet service which I needed for work. I was constantly told I would be credited and the stress and frustration has caused me problems in my relationship with my children my wife and problems at work. I have contacted the company over 200 times in the past eight months and spent hundreds of hours talking and messaging with agents.

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast Xfinity customer in Merced | Read more Comcast Xfinity complaints

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