Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

What Comcast Xfinity did:
Bill was due may 22nd of May put me on an extended bill payment 200 dollars was due I paid 160 dollars on it they cut my services off on the 20th and finally the 21st saying there reps wasn’t aloud to authorize the payment plan and refuse to refund me my money .. feel as though they violated me and the contract. I was financially harm because I work very hard to get that money. And they promise me I’ll have service if I put money down feel real disappointed manipulated and lied too.

To pay me 10000 dollar for violated the contract we had in place

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast Xfinity customer in Shippensburg | Read more Comcast Xfinity complaints

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