Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

What Comcast Xfinity did:
I do not know where to begin. This company is like dealing with mobster , they do not care. Let me start at the beginning . I have been charged for equipment and harassed daily for it, threatened that my service will be cut off daily. I time share my condo which I got when my grandad passed just to be clear , someone else had been living here for almost a year. I signed up for internet essentials a discounted program for internet . They took the old account which did not belong to me and added it to my current bill, all the while I am trying to take care of the situation I am working, have kids, going to school on line and going through chemo for breast cancer. Back to the someone living here at one time besides myself , that is all I can figure out that this mix up with the accounts happened , I actually qualify for internet essentials, since I work and go to school it is my life line to have internet , daily I am told you will not have services any longer. I would have switched long ago but it is the only option where I live. The customer service people are not trained and do not know what they are doing, I have been talked to like a dog and they lie about prices , or that something will be taken care of. They took over 1000, 00 and put on my account and for equipment I do not have , I was going to each credit place to work with them to make sure this did not mess up my credit , well it did. In order to even file a fraud alert on my social security card should be my and only my prerogative, I was waiting until I got my student loans and financial aid for the last two classes I need for my degree. They did not inform me they just immediately put a fraud alert on my social, this in turn cause a sequence of events that caused severe problems for me. I was not able to get my financial aid because of this my class was 480.00, I still have not received my tax refund because of this among having to go place to place in my state of health to get this cleared up. I want the debt off of my account and the harassment to stop, they should pay for the class I missed the deadline for funds. I have talked to attorney’s and they say this is a viable case. But, I thought I would try here first. I also filed a complaint with the FCC. I have my phone with them and I owed a past due balance and paid that off and they still messaged me saying I owed money on the phone. The only way I do not owe and that got cleared up was because my mother called them while I am in the hospital , saw how many times I get calls and she threatened to sue them. This company is a horrible mess and no one does a thing , go to , look and see how bad this company is. Thank you for any help you can provide , honestly if I had enough I would sue these guys.

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast Xfinity customer in Hattiesburg | Read more Comcast Xfinity complaints

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