Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

Comcast Xfinity Claim for Compensation

What Comcast Xfinity did:
I tried to have them switch my plan to just internet, but they switched me to a plan that actually cost more.

Month 1- balance $250
Month 2- called to switch to lower cost plan (lady on phone switched me to higher cost plan).. called again to get them to switch, they would not switch plan until I paid the balance (for a plan I did not want)
Month 3- charged me another $250 again for the plan I specifically said I did not want. They suspended my service, would not talk to me until I paid the bill(seems extortion-esque)
Month 4- I told them to cancel my account (balance was around $550, and now they are trying to say I owe them $1100 altogether)

Submitted by: Anonymous Comcast Xfinity customer in Royal oak | Read more Comcast Xfinity complaints

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