DirecTV Claim for Compensation

DirecTV Claim for Compensation

What DirecTV did:
Directv advised of they were sending a technician out on 5/10/2022 between 4pm and 8 pm. No one showed up. I called customer service to be yelled at that I had not called earlier then 7:55 pm. As no communication was sent to let me know a technician was not showing up. Another appointment was sent for 5/11/2022 from 8am to 12 pm. I specifically asked for the dish to be moved to the back yard. He told me that was impossible. He said to contact directv and ask for a 40 ft ladder truck, with 2 technicians to move it to the top of our home. As he would not relocate the satellite to the backyard and could not fix the issue. 5/12/2022 before 7 am, the technician who could not fix the issue or move the satellite showed up at my door, parking his van across my driveway blocking my car in. I answered the door, phone in hand, scared that he would not allow me to leave it I did not. He accused me of taking his meter reader. I contacted directv, they advised they would send 2 technicians and a 40 ft ladder truck out to place the dish on the top of our home. However, another technician showed up on 5/15, no 40 ft ladder truck and no additional technician although I was told by Directv we would be receiving the 40 t truck with 2 technicians to move the dish. The technician showed up moved the dish to the back yard. But claimed he had to make it to the next appointment. leaving the cable in our yard exposed. He asked my husband to leave the gate to the backyard open for him to come back at his convivence to bury the cable. He never returned. On 5/19 another technician was scheduled to come. He advised the cable and splitter used by the technician on 5/15 was incorrect, and we were lucky our home did not catch on fire. He did not bury the cable either, and instead connected to the middle of our neighbors privacy fence. We are not allowed to connect anything to that side of the fence as it is our neighbors fence and not ours. He stated he did not have time to remove it. So we have a 4th technician coming out on 5/25/2022 to hopefully bury the cables. On 5/17 I contacted Directv , and was accused of not advising them of the issues by the billing department. I have advised customer service of each issue at the time. I am very upset about how we have been treated. Directv did offer me a $10 one time credit. I advised that I did not feel that $10 was adequate for the service and time it has taken away from work etc. They forwarded me to billing who refused to hear of the issues we had experienced. They also told me that the bill had already posted so nothing could be done. No future billing credits, nothing. They also advised no notes were on the account although I have spent hours talking to customer service to advise of the ongoing issues.

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