DISH Network Claim for Compensation

DISH Network Claim for Compensation

What DISH Network did:
I have been charged for a while months service of $15-they have rebated me $90 for not having tv. Big issue is i been out of TV for 1 month due to weather and they stated 2 weeks ago they would have a tech out to repair our dish. Now 2 weeks later no Tv and going to be charged $112 for somehting im not recieving. Im asking for my troubles to have credit for 3 months of service for something im not getting and also $60i had to spend for Hulu and netflix
Issue log:
Tv went out on 5/20
Reported to Dish network on 5/20
Was informed it would be 6/16 before be fixed which was ridiculis
Called them back to get fixed sooner 6/2-Promised that Tech would come out on 6/3 between 12-4 to correct issue. The tech didn’t show.
There been no followups and no apology,
please help if you can

Also i would like to have the promotional credit for 2 years pricelock that was given to me for my headaches.

Submitted by: Anonymous DISH Network customer in Franklin | Read more DISH Network complaints

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