Expedia Claim for Compensation

Expedia Claim for Compensation

What Expedia did:
Our family decided to go on a Florida vacation via car trip. On December 5th, in order to make sure we won’t have any issue on the return trip night, we made a reservation for the night of Jan. 1st, 2022 in Tru by Hilton hotel in Florence, SC. We paid for the reservation in full for an amount of $112.57. On our way back from Florida, with two young kids in the car, my wife, who has a Hilton Honors rewards program, call the facility around 7 pm to let the front desk know we are arriving late to the hotel and to ask if she could get a room access through the app (instead of having to check in through the front desk). The receptionist told her that she see the reservation for the night in the system but couldn’t help her make the room accessible via the app.
When we arrived to the hotel around 11:30 pm (after a very long day), the condition of the lobby already alarmed us! The floor was dirty and trash bins were overflowing everywhere. There was one receptionist at the front desk named Jennifer, and to our shock she told us that the hotel doesn’t have a room for us although we made the reservation way in advance and even called earlier in the evening to confirm. She said that there is an uncleaned room that might be cleaned within half an hour. I cannot stress enough this difficult situation: to arrive at 11:30 pm to an hotel, tired after hours of driving and accompanying with two small kids that we had to wake up only to hear that the hotel had overbooked and there is no room for us. After about 20 minutes we waited, we spoke with her again only to understand that she is the sole Hilton employee at the hotel and that the room was not supposed to be used that night. At this point, she told us that probably the hotel overbooked guests for the night, she cannot send us to another Hilton in the area, and that it’s better for us to start look for other accommodations!
She suggested to start with the adjacent Comfort Suites, which was indeed a good advice. Their receptionist said they still have an available room (I believe it was the last one) for a price of $188.16. While Comfort Suites is an inferior hotel relative to Tru, it cost more as we came last minute in a busy night and yet Jennifer didn’t offer to cover the cost of the other hotel and told us we would have to pay it out of our pockets.
We thought it’s outrageous and yet, after a very long day (and exhausting evening), we wanted to put ourselves and our kids into beds, so didn’t try to make a fuss of it on spot. Nobody offered to help with our luggage. Needless to say, we missed quite a lot of sleep on that night – it took us a while to wind down and we felt that we received a terrible service. The following day we were upset and much more tired than we planned, so it risked our life driving north and ruined the end of our otherwise very successful trip.
The whole experience with Tru in Florence was very flawed – a service we would never expect to receive at a Hilton brand hotel. Nobody at Hilton suggested to compensate us, saying the reservation was done through a 3rd party (Expedia). While Expedia refunded us for the amount we paid, it didn’t take responsibility nor agree to compensate us for the loss we incurred, which is $75.59 (the difference between the amount we end up paying to Comfort Suites less the refund we received from Expedia).
In addition to this amount, we expect to receive some form of compensation for the wrongdoing action on that night and the lack of accountability taken afterwards. The company (and Hilton) need to be accountable for throwing out a family in the middle of a night.

Take responsibility for the suffer we incurred without any wrongdoing on our end. Possibly provide additional discount/ credit for future purchases

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