Expedia Claim for Compensation

Expedia Claim for Compensation

What Expedia did:
I booked a room for a business trip at Bluebird Suites Near Facebook HQ from Mar. 24 2022 to Mar. 26 2022 via Expedia on Mar. 17 2022. The Reservation # 1910687502 in Expedia. Still on Mar. 17 2022, I found that my company needs us to book the room through CWT. Immediately, I applied for cancellation of this reservation of the room by directly contacting an agent via Expedia online chat on Mar. 17 2022. On Mar. 19 2022, I got a clear response from an agent named Ishi Kharina ***** that I’ll eventually get a waiver of any cancellation fee by the Expedia team. Moreover, I got both a text message (on Mar. 18 2022) and an email (on Mar. 18 2022) from Bluebird Suites that the transaction on my credit card was declined. After receiving this message of successfully canceling, I re-booked the same hotel on the same days via my company’s CWT, and it turns out that the room number of Bluebird Suites Near Facebook HQ is also the same as the room number notified in Expedia’s canceled reservation. In the CWT’s reservation, I paid the hotel fee on the website provided by Bluebird Suites. However, after I got an email from Expedia on Mar. 24 2022 that the refund should be expected within 48 hours, I got no more follow-up from Expedia afterward. On Mar. 30 2022, I checked with an agent via Expedia online chat, and I got that my cancellation ended with no refund, which extremely contradicts what I got from Expedia side before. Therefore, I ask for a refund for this cancellation of the reservation; otherwise, I’ll be charged twice for the hotel room by both Bluebird Suites and Expedia.

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