Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

What Frontier Communications did:
I just recently signed up with Frontier Internet. I seen an ad that if you sign up online, it’s FREE ACTIVATION & EQUIPMENT charges. I them was told that depending on my credit I might have to pay a one time fee of $80 before getting service. I them paid $33 on Jan 21, frontier Internet was hooked up on Feb 3, 2022. The cable guy did NOT bury the long cables running right across our yard and told me someone would be here in a week or so to take care of the. I then tried to reach out to frontier after seeing a ad about fiber optic inter dt and when I called they didn’t have me in the system. I never received a paper bill as I asked due to my forgetfulness and I was also TD that my bill would be only $32.99 a month, period! No hidden fees. I just recently got my first bill and upon opening it, it was a past due bill of $122.99. There wasn’t no reason either for such the high price on my bill. I tried signing up online for my account, but to this day i can NOT sign in to my account, nor can I create an account bcuz it says I already have one. When I try to click onto the reset password button, nothing happens. I just called them and they were closed so I got on chat with a rep and she told me all I would have to pay would be $122, that’s it, and that $33 upfront payment did NOT show up anywhere and when I told her I’d just pay the $122 and they could credit me, she then turned around and said it would be an extra $10 to pay her, right after she said it would only be $122. She also asked me to check my emails as my bills had been sent to me that way, but I still. Cannot access them due to not having an account or being able to make one, but they have my number to call about a past due bill, but they don’t have my number connected to my frontier account and it was what I used upon signing up with their service. I literally just signed up too and was told right off the bat tht my bill would only be $33, but it was $123.99 with no explanation of what the difference in amount was from bcuz I can’t get into the frontier app or online with even my account number and credentials .

I would also like to have an account set up properly as well as electronic payment as I was promised.

Submitted by: Anonymous Frontier Communications customer in Thompsonville | Read more Frontier Communications complaints

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