Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

What Frontier Communications did:
Shortly after Verizon communications made transition to frontier communications I experienced constant harassment, bullying, intimidation and numerous attempts to place me on disciplinary steps. I am still dealing multiple physical and mental issues as a result of the negative and hostile environment. As a result I was calling out regularly due to various symptoms including high blood pressure, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, major depression, acute anxiety and panic attacks. I would call out. They offered a job accomodations and I requested a transfer to a different department and even considered lower wages and even asked for a leave of absence. I was denied. I was terminated and they claimed it was due job abandonment. I requested union assistance .due to being on constant state of high stress, bullying and harassment. Among numerous incidents I have documented, my HIPPA rights were also violated. (The majority of high seniority were forced into early retirement) After 22 yrs w the company my health deteriorated in those last few years of torture and have also been diagnosed w PTSD due to the disrespect and negative impact on my livelihood. I applied for unemployment and was denied. The HR employee who kept records of my attendance was no longer w the department and the employee who took over her position quit the company during those months when my unemployment case was under review after being declined I appealed and the person who represented frontier was my last immediate supervisor. He did not stick to the facts inserted several comments w disparaging words.claim was denied and currently homeless in my car w no current vehicle registration or insurance.

I am not a consumer. I was an employee at an Spanish language inbound call center for 22 years

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