Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

Frontier Communications Claim for Compensation

What Frontier Communications did:
I was in contract with Frontier for 2 years as of last August or September I am now out of it because I refuse to go back in it there is no one in my area who does internet other than HughesNet and I can’t afford them as I am on Social Security and disabled I have had no internet service that is worth having since the day I got it I have had nothing but trouble I have had technician after Technician career and drops after drops month after month for two and a half years or 3 years I don’t even know how long it’s been you’d have to check my records but it’s been years even right now I have just replaced my 6 router I finally because of my own Works have gotten on the low-income covid Communications billing. But that was only as of I believe last May or June so it’s barely a year all the other time before that two years a good two years I paid to have no internet service and the stress and duress of paying the bill so that my credit wouldn’t be bad and the wise in to see even now that they’ve been charging me a 1099 fee for internet for some kind of Internet coverage that nobody even told me that I was going to have to pay and now they’re trying to get me to pay that which should be included in the free internet or it should have been disclosed that I would have to pay it so I am refusing to pay that now and it’s going on my credit as negative I could write a book something needs to done I have been through so much stress and duress with them over the years I have proof I’ve met I’ve written down things and they have records of certain stupid little credits that they’ve tried to give me that add up to nothing in comparison to what I go through daily. It is my understanding that there is a lawsuit against them in LA in Riverside County and I absolutely need to be part of that and they need to hear my story because mine might be the worst I have no doubt. Sincerely, Arlene *****

I have a stored on eBay. I have lost endless amounts of money from my internet not working over the years I have missed very important appointments medically with covid-19 internet didn’t work but I don’t know what kind of dollar amount you could put on the fact that my internet has not worked since I’ve gotten especially through covid not to mention my anxiety stress and duress of having to deal with technician after technician and phone call after phone call you figure that out I’m not a lawyer but this is the worst thing I have ever dealt with with any company in my life and I’m 62 years old.

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