HughesNet Claim for Compensation

HughesNet Claim for Compensation

What HughesNet did:
Service was in my brothers name, Steven *****, we cancelled service(after 2 year contract), as we were moving. They insisted on suspending account even though I told them we are moving. Thought I did right thing only find out 3 months later they charged my(Laura *****) debit card( must been on file, made a couple payments when my brother ran short). They deducted every month $80.85 from my debit card up to last month totalling $760.05. They had no authorization nor was I told they would be deducting payments 3 months later. Account is under my brother name. They knew we moved, there was no internet activity n for a year charged my card. We moved over a year ago. I want to get my money back, this is crazy. I called corporate n they said it is legit, which it is not!

Submitted by: Anonymous HughesNet customer in Newfoundland | Read more HughesNet complaints

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