HughesNet Claim for Compensation

HughesNet Claim for Compensation

What HughesNet did:
In less than 48 hour after beginning service I felt I needed to change my Internet provider because HughesNet service was not sufficient for my families home business. We do not stream movies, or games. We are in sales and could barely send emails or speak with clients. I contacted customer service and was told there’s nothing I could do and if I canceled it would be $400 and that my contract was 24 months long. If this company can not provide me with adequate internet service so I can maintain my livelihood I don’t believe I should be forced to stay with them. I find it incredibly dubious that they give no customers a grace period it was less than 3 days ( April 20,2022- April 22,2022 and I knew the internet was not going to keep up with our needs. I feel harmed by their predatory practices and front loading a $400 cancellation fee when their service is to horrible for us to even use.

Submitted by: Anonymous HughesNet customer in Fort Collins | Read more HughesNet complaints

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