Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

Metro by T-Mobile Claim for Compensation

What Metro by T-Mobile did:
I’m long time customer I was /recently hacked, I went to the metro store I told the sales person I was hacked and needed new phone and number and verify account was ok. Idk what she did but when she was working on phone it rang she said did I know the # which i questioned why would I ? Realizing she didn’t do what I said, I told her don’t answer it, she did! Said oops accident. Well she changed the number I took it home and for the next week all I could do was factory reset it. Every time I reset the phone it would behave differently, I would see signs that it had been corrupted. I had not used any old accts emails anything on this phone I was never able to fully set it up. I picked up the phone on the 14th of May 2022 from the Metro by T-Mobile store on {{ address hidden }} North Texas Street Fairfield California cashier {{ address hidden }} transaction 003430 for $121 and the inner tablet for 27.05 transaction 003431. I had gone back in the store I believe on Sunday so actually the very next day and spoke with two very rude girls they didn’t want to help me and said it was too bad that it was final wasn’t their problem and what did I want them to do about it? They told me to take it to a phone place and get it fixed which is just ridiculous. I don’t know if it was that night or the next night I called Metro 611 I was calling a couple different ways to get through to them with the recording and all and I finally got through to a person and then I was told the issue was with hardware and I needed to call for manufacturer. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life It was a brand new phone I’m being told to call somebody else when is it Metro’s responsibility with the phone and frankly I don’t even know if I was talking to Metro or not it could have been a hacker for all I know so once again I’m stuck with the phone I can’t use and nothing’s been resolved about it. So next day call the number I was given and there’s something wanky about that one too so all in all this phone is not trustable.

Vacaville CA has a main store for Metro so thought I would go there and see what they could do! Well there does not appear to be anyone at least in these stores that know diddly squat about the business or the phones at ALL! The female possibly supervisor was going to take the the phone but charge me for it and we’ll that’s just not gonna happen! She made several statements about the services and phones that are not true and argued with me about it so I just left.

May 18th I went back to the store that I originally got this phone from and the girl that I got the phone from was there but she was helping another person so I went to the other girl and I walked up the counter and started to explain to her that I got the phone but there was an issue with it no I was talking calmly and I started to tell her the situation with the phone when all of a sudden the other girl said started getting loud and said that she didn’t bring the hackers with the phone and I didn’t say that she did she started raising her voice and then the other girl started raising her voice at me and now I have two of them raising their voices at me and they won’t let me explain what is the problem with the phone they don’t want to listen and so I’m having to raise my voice I’m not yelling I’m just trying to explain the situation with the phone one of the things I was trying to explain the fact that when I get a security code or from Google it’s consistent that Google will send it from a number when he sends you the code well one time I got it from an actual phone number and that’s not going to happen well she argued with me about that and said well look this is what I get with this it’s not Google this is what I get with this it’s not Google this is what I get with this but it’s not Google so I don’t care just went on and then the other girl is just getting angrier and angrier and they’re both yelling at me but they’re saying I’m yelling at them telling me to get out of the store telling them telling me they’re not going to help me telling me there’s nothing they’re going to do about it they’re not going to do nothing they’re not going to help me to get out of the store and I keep telling them to listen that they need to do something about it cuz Mike my account with them is probably hacked they won’t listen and I told him it wasn’t going to leave until they listened they didn’t want to listen so then they threatened me with something and so they got to guess they got their boss on the phone like I’m afraid of that but apparently this is how they deal with stuff at the store because I said well go ahead and call the cops she’s one of the girls said no that’s not how we deal with stuff at this store well apparently the way they deal with stuff at the store is if anybody comes in and complains this is what they do they start yelling at people and threatening people and abusing the customers and they’re really awful these girls are awful they are an embarrassment to this company but nevertheless I left the store and I’m canceling my I am canceling everything with Metro and I will never go back to them again ever now this money I spent I had to go buy another phone cost me over $200 for another phone that I wouldn’t have had to get had these girls fix the problem

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