Optimum Claim for Compensation

Optimum Claim for Compensation

What Optimum did:
On April 16, 2022 optimum suddenly disconnected my cell phone service. It is now April 26 and I was informed that they are sorry but they cannot reinstate my old number that I’ve had for over 20 years. I switched over to optimum mobile around 2 to 3 months ago. I’ve had the same number for over 20 years that was connected to my business. What happened was I had Inquired about how to go about transferring to another company because I was not happy with optimum mobile. It was just a question they told me that I would have to call them and they would have to give me a porting number to transfer to another company which I never called them for a porting number I was just thinking about it but I left it alone and then suddenly my phone gets shut off on April 16. I was informed that somebody made a mistake and should not have shut my phone because they didn’t give me a porting number to transfer it to another company. And that they would reinstate me they kept telling me for days that they were working on it they had to take it the technicians were working and I would have it up and running in 72 hours now 12 days later I’m told they can’t help me and instead offer me three months of free phone service. Well I’m not going to let that go because that phone was connected to the attorneys, judges, and the many courthouse is that I provide services for clients at a Family Court. Not to mention the stress that it caused me for 12 days of people not being able to get a hold of that number including doctors my mothers doctors etc. etc. this is unacceptable. And therefore I am asking for monetary damages for all the problems that occurred in these 12 days from myself, my clients, and new clients that were coming into my program.

I want monetary action

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