PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
DEAR BBB, I am filing a complaint against PayPal. I would like to know why my account has been PERMANENTLY LIMITED after i am trying to run a legitimate business. My PayPal account was access by an unknown personnel which leads to the unauthorized transaction on my account. My account was suspended on April 25, 2022. I have a balance of $305.03 and I need it to pay my suppliers for their items. I can’t wait the 180 days for the release. I am getting death threats for their money and i need it to give it to them. I have changed my account password and every thing. I should not have to suffer for the person who had hacked into my account. I will do anything to have my account restored. PayPal is going to leave me here to starve and die. I have no other source of income to survive on. I have to pay bill and send children to school, so where else can i get the money from. PayPal is putting me to suffer. Things like these are giving me suicidal thoughts. I believe that PayPal should be more lenient on all there customers sellers and buyers. I think they should give them more chances, they permanently limit my account after one strick, thats totally unfair. We are all human. Please take into consideration and restore my account. i have no other source of income and i have to feed children, and send they to school. I will provide valued information when prompt for account restoration. kind regards Jarrel *****

Submitted by: Anonymous PayPal customer in New York | Read more PayPal complaints

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