PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
July-24-2021 IRS deposit 1,968,32 cents into my PayPal business account..when the funds was deposited in to My PayPal account I was currently acarcerated date is FROM 3-12-2021 to 12-25-2021 however I am a victim of identity theft someone manage to access my PayPal account on September-16-2021 and transfer the full amount of 1,968,32 cents to a fraudulent account that was open using my identity.. which is the transaction wasn’t unauthorized by the real owner of PayPal account., Once released from jail I’ve established that the IRS had deposit my refund in my PayPal business account once Ive realize that the money were missing I’ve called PayPal Customer service and explain the to them that my money were missing PayPal done a Trace on the unauthorized transaction and provided me with a Trace number with the information of where the money was sent anyways immediately I contacted bank of America and provided them with the Trace number that were giving to me by PayPal.. anyways bank of America took almost 9 months to actually respond to the depute and as of may-11- 2022 Bank of America finally reached out to me through email stating that the account was a fraudulent account and that I was trying the truth Bank of America so askedme to provide the copy of the investigation paper to PayPal for evidence that the account is FRUADLENT and the IRS also gave me a copy of my identity theft form so I can give to PayPal and I did but for whatever reason PayPal keeps denying ny cliam and refuse to give me a appleal on the depute then they comes up with so many excuses like I it’s over 180 day and that means ive reached the Dead line for filling my claim,,now I’ve contacted PayPal 2021 concerning this matter but they act as if they can not find the trace number

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