PayPal Claim for Compensation

PayPal Claim for Compensation

What PayPal did:
My son sent me $400 on 6/14 which for unknown reasons was processed as an echeck. I was in a situation and needed cash that minute so he sent an additional $400 to assure I got it. Today 6/15 (the 5th business day) the transaction is still not cleared. My sons bank, Chase, cleared it as cash on 6/15. I was told it’s now in a 3rd party middle man clearing bank and I have to wait longer. My son has accrued over 170 in fees because he had to send and addition $400 and I have had to pawn jewelry in order to get him at least half back. None of this is disclosed upfront and took me a phone call of over 1hour for a manager to even tell me about this “middle man”. Lots of money and time I lost dealing with one transaction

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